Ficus bonsai care

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Learn about the ficus bonsai care

Generally people have a lot of passion to buy trees but they don’t know how to take proper care of these trees. Ficus is a very famous family of trees and it is highly suitable for indoor trees. Ficus bonsai care is a very important topic whenever people want to know about the indoor Ficus trees. The Ficus bonsai care has got a lot of variety and it is important that characteristics of the tree are properly studied. There are a lot of aspects on which will be discussed here so that one gets a proper idea about Ficus bonsai care. Also it requires patience on your part as you are growing the Ficus bonsai because the Ficus bonsai takes time in its growth.

Important features of Ficus bonsai care

The first feature that comes in the Ficus bonsai care is about how much water you add to the plant and in what way you add it. The first and the foremost thing in this regard is that the Ficus bonsai has to dry before we add water to it again. For Ficus bonsai care, it is important that one checks the soil everyday. As a result, one can get to know whether the soil is dry or it has enough to add water to it again. There is a time limit as well and it is mentioned that you should water for about ten minutes. The second very important characteristic is the amount of light that is put on the plant. Ficus bonsai care has shown that the plant should be kept not in much sunlight as we all know the nature of the ficus bonsai. So people prefer to put it in shady places so that the sunlight does not affect the leaves and growth of the plant.

Feeding and Ficus bonsai care

It is very important that people get to know about the moment during which one has to start the feeding process. Feeding process is done during the season in which the ficus bonsai is growing and it generally is the spring season. Ficus bonsai care recommends that one should not add fertilizer during the fall season. As far as humidity is concerned, there are a lot of methods by the help of which one can get over the problem of humidity. There is a humidity tray available that helps to control humidity.

Ficus Bonsai care and seasons

It is very important that seasons are kept in view for Ficus bonsai care. Generally when it is the season of winter, one should keep the Ficus bonsai indoor. There are chances that there would be leaf drops because of being placed under Sunlight. There are leaf drops generally in winters but steps should be taken to avoid these. Also the Ficus bonsai care demands that they should be protected from insects and pests so that growth is not affected. All these factors link up and true Ficus bonsai care can be done by following each and every precautionary measure.

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