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About Ficus tree

Ficus family is the most famous family of trees today and customers always love to know about it. There are ficus plants and ficus tree and all of them have their own attractions. Ficus family has got a wide range of plants to offer that starts from the creeping vines and the list go to the immensely deep trees in forests. They are a true attraction as ficus tree can also be kept at homes, residential areas, banks and hospitals. Ficus tree has a lot of variety and here we will discuss these varieties so that one can easily draw the picture about ficus tree. Generally when the climatic conditions are tropical, one of the most ideal choices is the ficus bonsai tree due to its certain characteristics that make it stand out amongst the rest. Ficus tree has got this ability that it can sustain the errors that are committed by new gardeners and starters.

Characteristics of Ficus tree

Here I will discuss a few characteristics of the ficus tree that will help to understand the nature of ficus tree. One of the most important characteristics of the tree is the way it responds to being watered. There is a certain method that needs to be followed while watering the ficus tree. The method states that you don’t over water the tree, and generally it is recommended to leave top two inches dry. In case the soil is left dry, the adverse effect will be that the leaves will become yellow and in case you over water the soil, the leaves will become green. Ficus tree has a tendency that it loses leafs. This is due to climatic conditions and when it starts to rain again, you will see that the leaves will start to grow again. Every person learns about the ficus tree over a period of time and this is the reason it is considered as a good option for beginners.

Variety of Ficus tree

It is also very nice if one knows about the variety of Ficus tree. There is the Ficus benjamina which is also called as the Weeping fig and it is a well known tree. Its characteristics are considered in great detail and it is a symbol for Ficus tree. There is the Ficus Lyrata and it is known for its broad leaves. Another ficus tree is the Ficus Wiandi and it is also used in offices. There is a complete list of Ficus tree types and from these types; one can easily understand the tree properly.

Ficus tree, the ultimate choice

Nature has a lot of diversity and this diversity can be best seen from the Ficus tree. It has everything to offer and they add a lot of beauty to you place. They are used as indoors as well as outdoors. Also there is the variety that allows you to be adaptive and change the look of place after every year or so. Indeed ficus tree is the ultimate choice for all of us.

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