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Asia ficus elastica tree

Asian countries have got the most beautiful trees in the world. There are so many sets of trees that can make you feel pleased and there are others that have their own class. One of the most families of trees in the Asian countries is the Ficus family that has got a wide variety to offer. There is the Ficus elastica that is found in a few Asian countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia. Ficus elastica has also been nicknamed as the rubber fig and the reason for its name will be discussed later. Ficus elastica has got its own characteristics and they are very important to learn. This tree is almost thirty to forty meters in height which is about in the range of ninety to one hundred and thirty feet. The color of the leaves is the dark green and it has got a sticky sap which eventually when dried, becomes the rubber.

Characteristics of Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica has characteristics that make it a preferable choice to be used in homes. Its leaves are very famous in Asian countries and their size is about twenty centimeters. Also the Ficus elastica is very easy to grow because of its natural characteristics. The plant of Ficus elastica shouldn’t be moved here and there. There are a few reasons behind it. One of the reasons is that if temperature is changed, the leaves of trees might drop and as a result, the growth of the tree might be affected. However it is not as sensitive as the other trees of the Ficus family. Also one can get the impression that the plant is kept in the pot, so it is also necessary to keep it in the required slots. Ficus elastica grows very quickly and also they have the tendency that they don’t need a lot of care.

Advantages of Ficus elastica

There are plenty of advantages that ficus elastica has over other Ficus family trees and plants. First of all, ficus elastica is used in homes and they don’t need much attention. Ficus elastica are easy to handle and they have the ability to stand off against the toughest conditions. This adds a lot to the class of Ficus elastica. But the greatest advantage is that it is used in making rubber and this rubber is made by taking the sap in small tubes and then dried to form rubber. Also it is used in making the irritant that helps to protect eyes.

All the people that love to buy any tree; they are referred Ficus ela

Ficus elastica and customers

sticabecause of the above mentioned characteristics. Ficus elastica is also appreciated by customers because it does not require tough conditions and it does not demand much care. Ficus elastica is also one of those trees that can be used indoors as well as outdoors as the ficus elastica plant is seen commonly at entrance of banks. Indeed it is a perfect choice if you are an Asian or you have little or no knowledge about trees.

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